Dress Your Mashed Potatoes with Garlic and Sour Cream

Potatoes…a staple of our diets. Potatoes lend themselves to so many recipes and are easily prepared. Mash potatoes become a favorite of most children and continue on into adulthood. It is a warm and comforting comfort food!


For a nice take on traditional methods of preparing mashed potatoes with butter, try preparing them using this recipe with sour cream and garlic and Italian dressing. It will treat your taste buds to a new taste sensation! Continue reading

Fall Favorite Pork and Pumpkin Stew

Summer is quickly winding down as most public schools across the nation have started back for the fall season.


Emphasis on fall activities will soon be the focus as classrooms are adorned with Halloween fare and children explore with anticipation their costume ideas.


Today is September 1st and although not officially fall yet, September is the month when all the fun fall goodies and decorations make their appearance in stores across the country setting the mood with combined scents of apple cider and crisp fallen leaves and the anticipation of wood logs burning in a warm fireplace in the not too distant future. Continue reading

Warm and Tasty Green Bean Salad

Green Beans…the easy solution to so many side dishes and salads. You can serve them cold or hot, freshly cooked cold and freshly cooked hot…so many variations that this simple little vegetable lends itself to.


Although not all vegetables blend well to being served hot as a salad, green beans are about as versatile as you can get, and just snapping the fresh green beans will stimulate your hunger as the crisp aroma fills the air. It tastes good before you ever put it in your mouth ;)

Rather than the traditional way of serving your cooked beans warm as a vegetable side dish, try using these same freshly snapped cooked green beans in a warm bean salad for a fresh new twist.


Warm Green Bean Salad


Equipment: French chef’s knife, cutting board, 1 1/4-quart covered saucepan, measuring spoons and mixing bowl. Continue reading

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