Induction Cooking…The Future of Cooking

Health Craft Cookware is equally efficient whether you chose to use gas or electric cook-tops but the future of cooking is Induction.

So, what exactly is Induction cooking and why should I take the time to learn about it?

First off, Induction cooking offers better control and safety features as well as better efficiency that is just not available with other type cook-tops or even microwave ovens.

For example: Health Craft uses the principles of electromagnetism, to heat the T438 (T is for Titanium) magnetic surgical Stainless Steel on the outside of the pan, transferring heat quickly and effectively through the T340L surgical stainless steel found on the inside of the pan…to the food.

When you place a pan on an induction range, the inductor coils located under the ceramic surface, are used to pass electric current through creating an pulsing magnetic field. There are no fumes or open dangerous flames to worry about.

Health Craft Cookware works perfect with induction cooktops because the T438 Magnetic Surgical Stainless Steel on the outside of Health Craft’s pans have been created to have a natural resistance to the movement of the electrons, this causes the pan to heat up…transferring the heat immediately to the inside of the pan.

A one quart pan of water will boil using this method in about 90 seconds.

Other cook top surfaces actually use the burner itself to heat up, but with Induction cooking, it’s the pan that heats up and cooks the food. As soon as you remove the pan…the induction range shuts off…ceasing heat generation and saving energy costs.

A pot heated by using magnetic induction actually warms the surface below it and the air around slower than traditional methods and cook-tops. This will keep your kitchen cooler and your energy bills down.

Nothing outside of the pan is effected by the magnetic field.

Although Induction cooking is not some sort of new radical technology, the last few years have seen great improvements in technology which in return have lowered the cost and made many more choices available to the public…both commercially and for residential use.

Induction cooktops come with many sizes of built in cooktops…single to multiple burner units…to stand alone units that can be purchased for personal use.

With the price of energy consistently climbing, Induction Cooking is appealing to more and more households, homeowners and professionals worldwide.

Induction cooking is the future of cooking. Move into the 21st Century and save on energy costs by using Health Craft Cookware along with your Induction cooktop. ;)

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